One Divine Sound

Divine Sound Meditation & Yoga Retreat is a unique residential program to transform your inner state of being through Music and Meditation.

Situated in scenic Choral Valley (part of the Vindhyachal Mountain range in Central India), Satyadhara Yogalife Ashram is a vast and spacious ashram where you will experience holistic healthy living through nourishing meals, river walks, meditative spaces ideal for self-reflection and Yogic practices. 

2024 Retreat

Dates: 21st June to 24th June

In this retreat, you will experience:

* Daily Morning & Evening Music Concerts in an intimate setting.
* Understanding, singing, and meditating on verses of mystic saints like Kabir & Meera
* Daily Yoga and Pranayama sessions
* Guided Meditation to connect with the Unstruck Divine Sound (Anhad Naad) within
* Refreshing nature walks in the rural countryside
* Baths in the Choral River
* Nourishing & wholesome vegetarian Indian meals
* Musical jam sessions
* Spiritual discussions & Sharing circles

Meet Our Facilitators

Prahlad Singh Tipanya

Music sessions, poetry interpretation & spiritual discussions

Prahlad Singh Tipanya Bio

Prahlad Singh Tipanya is one of the most popular and respected folk singers of Kabir’s verses in India. A school teacher by profession, Prahladji’s life took a deep and profound turn when he first heard the tambura – the five stringed musical folk instrument. That became the gateway for him into the world of Kabir, and since then he has been tirelessly sharing the spirit of Kabir with countless rural, urban and international audiences over the last four decades. 

His village Luniya Khedi has become a destination for many seekers of Kabir. Along with his son Ajay Tipanya, Prahladji organizes the vibrant Malwa Kabir Festival every year, where many singers and seekers gather and journey into the villages of the region in a traveling festival. Most will acknowledge him as the man who has deeply impacted and contributed to the resurgence of oral traditions of Kabir singing in India. For his contribution to culture, he was awarded the Padma Shri (fourth highest civilian award in India) in 2011.

During the retreat, Prahlad Ji will be leading the music concerts and meditation sessions, explaining Kabir’s verses and leading the discussions. All verses will be simultaneously interpreted into English during the discussions and printed translations of the songs in the workshops will be provided to all participants.

Priyal Maheshwari

Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation sessions

Priyal Maheshwari Bio

Priyal Maheshwari is a Yoga Alliance-Certified Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500 hours) and Registered Pregnancy Yoga Teacher (RPYT-85 hours). In his classes, he primarily focuses on cultivating inner stillness and awareness of the present moment using posture, breathwork and meditation. He works with a diverse range of clients to help them realize their essential self by exploring the 5 sheaths of the body (Physical Body, Life-Force, Mind, Wisdom & Soul) and connecting with the transcendental dimension beyond the body. To this end, he teaches simple, yet profound meditation techniques like awareness of natural breath, inner body awareness, Yoga Nidra & listening to the eternal divine sound in the body. 

During the retreat, Priyal will be facilitating the Yoga and Pranayama sessions, all of which will be conducted in English.

Retreat Details

What are the essential teachings of this retreat?

Sound is the hidden energy that connects the outer and the inner cosmos. The message of the 15th century Indian saint Kabir is simple and profound. The One Divine Sound resonates vibrantly in all living bodies alike (humans, animals, plants, birds, insects etc) as well as every particle of matter in the universe around us. Only human beings have the spiritual ability to consciously connect their Surati (Awareness) to this Divine Sound and thereby establish themselves in the transcendental dimension, the substratum, the very source of Life. Bringing oneself in alignment with this One Divine Sound can be a path to enlightenment.

In this retreat, we will learn through music and meditation that everything around and within us can be experienced as naad/shabad/sound (the Divine Word or the expression of the One Divine Sound). We will learn the art of listening to and staying connected with this Divine Sound through mesmerizing folk music, transformational words of mystic saint poets and powerful yogic meditation practices, while being deeply immersed in nature.

How is the accommodation?
From budget rooms to lavish cottages and cabanas in the middle of green surroundings, our exclusive range of rooms offer picturesque views of the Choral Valley, apart from being equipped with all necessary amenities. You will need to carry your own toiletries etc. Please see the different pricing options to book the type of accomodations suitable to your needs.
What is the Retreat Price?

Retreat Price (Includes 3 night stay, 4 meals every day and all retreat activities and sessions)

For Indian Citizens

Dormitory – INR 8,500
Four sharing room – INR 10,000
Triple sharing – INR 11,000
Double sharing – INR 12,000
Single room – INR 13,000
Double Sharing AC room – INR 15,000

For non-Indian Citizens

Dormitory – USD 250
Four sharing – USD 300
Triple sharing – USD 350
Double sharing – USD 400
Single Room – USD 450
Double Sharing AC Room – USD 500

Where is the Retreat?
The retreat will take place in Satyadhara Yogalife Ashram (SYA) – an immaculate abode amidst nature, surrounded by the natural beauty of hills and enthralling sound of river, ideal for self- development through Yoga, Meditation and Satsang.

By Air

Indore Airport is located at a distance of 42.1 km (1 hour 17 minutes). Cabs are easily available outside the airport.

By Rail

Choral Railway station is a kilometre away from SYA. It is a meter gauge line, connected with Mhow railway station. Choral metre gauge line is also a part of the famous Mhow- Kalakund heritage line.

Indore Railway Station – 35.4 kms

Khandwa Railway station-  93 kms (2 hours 30 minutes). The station can be easily reached through cabs or buses.

By Road

Navlakha bus stand: Located in Indore (34.6 kms from SYA) buses from this stand directly drop passengers in front of Satyadhara Yogalife Ashram.

Map and Address:

Khandwa – Indore Road, near Picnic Spot, Highway, Choral, Madhya Pradesh 453441

Find us on google map with keyword ‘Yogalife Ashram Choral’

What is Naad Brahma (Divine Sound) Yoga?

Naad Brahma Yoga is the practice of Yoga primarily focused on preparing the mind and body, through posture and breathwork, to meditate on the subtle yet vibrant Divine Sound always resonating inside our bodies. This awakening process is aided by singing and understanding the verses of mystic saints like Kabir. The Divine Sound is a recurring motif in these verses. This sound, also called Anhad Naad (Unstruck Chord), is different from any other sound in the universe because it’s unstruck and is not produced by the striking of two objects like other sounds.

This is the Original Sound (created as a result of the universe coming into existence), also known as the sound of OM. By redirecting awareness to this sound within the body, one can start becoming liberated from the mental & conceptual false identities of oneself and realize one’s true nature.

How are the Meals?

Nourishing Indian-style vegetarian meals will be provided, cooked with fresh produce from the farms. 4 meals (Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea, Dinner) will be provided every day. Food will be separately cooked for participants with special dietary needs or allergies. RO (Reverse Osmosis) water filters will be available to provide clean drinking water. Participants should carry a refillable water bottle with them. An automatic washing machine and dryer are available on the premises for the participants to use.

Retreat Schedule

Dates: Dates: 21st June to 24th June 2024

Contact Us

+1 (630) 210-2564 (USA)

+91 942-356-9135 (India)

Retreat Location:

Satyadhara Yogalife Ashram Choral’

Khandwa – Indore Road, near Picnic Spot, Highway, Choral, Madhya Pradesh 453441